Ms. Daniel

Beginner Orchestra High Strings - Week of 1/6

Left hand practice- Essential Elements p. 6-8, exercises #10-15, 17

Go through your left hand check list! :) 

  • Thumb on your first finger tape, pointed UP towards the ceiling 
  • Straight wrist
  • Tunnel fingers (place the tips of your fingers on the string)

Bow practice- Play "pepperoni pizza" and "run pony run pony"  rhythms on the D string

  • Make sure to place the middle of your bow "on the road." 
  • Try to play each rhythm 4 times on the D string with good sound. 

Tally Intermediate - Week of 1/6

  • D Major scale- Play with good posture, straight big bows, and good sound. Listen for accurate pitch! :)
  • Can-Can- Practice both A and B lines with the repeat
  • First Scale March- Focus on the sections that switch between "arco" and "pizz"

Renfroe Orchestra - Week of 1/6

  • Gauntlet- pay extra attention to B flats and F naturals!
  • Apollo Suite- practice with the metronome! Play beyond the notes. Focus on dynamics, articulation, and good sound.