Decatur Strings

Decatur Strings Online Learning Plan

During this time period that we are all working from home, your Decatur Strings team has worked out a plan to help the students continue to progress on their instrument.  We have created a Decatur Strings YouTube Channel and we are creating some online instructional videos to post to the channel.  All parents of Decatur Strings Orchestra students will receive an email with a link to the first video.  That will allow you to subscribe to our channel and access the subsequent videos.  We will send an email when new videos are available.  

Make sure you have your child's instrument at home!

When you are collecting your student's belongings from school, make sure you also pick up their instrument if they left it at school.  

A NEW Resource to help your students practice at home!

We now subscribe to Essential Elements Interactive which will allow your student to enhance their practice experience at home. To access Essential EssentialElements Interactive at home, please go to Enter the activation code that can be found on the first inside page of your student's Essential Elements book. Once you log-on your student can access play-along tracks for every exercise in their book.